Music Theory

Music Theory

Music theory means understanding the language of music. The big thing to understand about music theory is that it is just a method to describe the music we hear. Much had existed for 1000 of years before theory came along to describe what people were trying to accomplish naturally by pounding on their drums. Don’t ever think that you cannot be a professional musician because you have never taken a theory class. Actually, if you are a best musician, you already understand a lot of theory. You just may not know the scientific formulas or words for what you are doing.
music theory

The rules and concepts that frame music theory are extremely much like the grammatical rules that administer written language. Being capable to write out music makes it simple for other musicians to understand and play music compositions actually as the composer intended. Learning to read music is almost actually like learning a fresh language, to the point where a confident person can “hear” a music “talk” when reading a piece of music sheet.
There are plenty of self-taught, intuitive musicians out there who have never lead to write or read music and find the full idea of learning music theory unnecessary and tedious. Anyway, just like the educational leaps that can come with learning to write and read, music theory can support musicians learn fresh ideas, do unfamiliar music styles, and develop the confidence to try fresh things.
What is vital to remember, though, is that music theory is to composers what grammar is to poets. Music theory can tell you what composers and musicians have done in the past and why it jobs, but it does not say what you have to do. Just as poets are not restricted to the strict rules of musicians, grammar, too, have the poetic license to reject certain “rules” of music theory in order to make the piece they want to make.
If you want to be capable to play classic music, you must be capable to keep a steady beat, and knowing how the harmonies fit combine can make it much simple to play because you can see what is coming before you even get there. If you want to be rock musician, then understanding the notes you need to play is a given idea is especially vital. Learning to play and know music takes a lot of personal discipline, but in the close, it is merit all the hard work.

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