Basics of Music Theory

Basics of Music Theory:

Ever since this universe came into being, there has been an immense coordination of nature with music and musical notes. Just imagine what this world would be without the sounds. The sound of raindrops falling on the tin roofs, the sound of mighty oceans with huge and strong currents of waves that hit against the beaches, the sound of colorful chirping birds early in the morning, the crowing of cock at dawn, the sound of train as it runs on the railway tracks etc. Everything seems to enveloped in the boundaries of musical rhythm.



Man has been involved in various activities ranging from violence to learning of various  fine arts that include painting, poetry and above all his curiosity to find about the existence of sounds from very low to very high pitches such as the low pitched sound of buffalo and extremely high pitched sound of bats in the darkness. The different sounds on different frequencies produced by the taking off and landing planes. The sound of thundering clouds and lightning. This curiosity made the man think about learning the real secret that lies behind the infinite varieties of sound made by the animals, birds, thunderstorms, the lowing of breeze on the seashore and sand storms in the huge stretching deserts of the world, earthquakes etc.


The research proved that the theory of sounds should base on seven international notes, because the nature comprises of deserts, oceans, mountains, pastures and dense forests. These seven notes were thought to be enough to gain the knowledge of music theory. Wherever you go. different kinds of sounds can be heard, for instance if you are in a jungle, the sounds that you hear in the morning would differ from the sounds that you would hear in the night, the hiss of snakes, the roaring of lion, the fearful stag that is being chased by the tigers, the monkeys on the trees jumping from one branch to the other and making peculiar sounds.


From ages man has been inventing musical instruments and from time to time the musical instruments are being modified. The ancients musical instruments have been modified with the modern and electronic instruments. The musical instruments mainly comprise of three different categories i.e the instruments of strings like guitar, violin etc. the second category of musical instruments comprise on the instruments that are played with mouth such as flute, trumpet etc, whereas the third category consists of instruments that are played with fingers such as piano, organ, accordion etc. People all over the world have always been keen to know and learn the basic techniques and theory to play the various kinds of musical instruments. Keeping in view their passion towards the music, many schools and colleges all over the world are  now imparting music knowledge to their students.


I have been the music teacher for over 40 years and still in the same profession.  I have noted during my long career that children of all ages have shown their immense interest in learning the musical instruments, so that they can play these  instruments themselves and in most cases they love to sing along too.


This may be noted that most of the famous musicians started learning instruments from their early age and later on mastered the art of playing the musical instruments. The playing of instrument keeps you occupied in your leisure time, and serves as your best companion at the time of your loneliness.  Even if you are living a retired life this companion is always there to refresh your soul and heart. If you are a sportsman then you very well know that at certain age you can not continue you game for which you need stamina and strong muscles. On the contrary you can always play musical instrument even if you are beyond 70 yrs. You must have witnessed this yourself and must have seen many aged people playing musical instruments.  So it can well be said that this is very healthy, refreshing and entertaining activity that keeps you away from depression, confusion and mental disorders.

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