Malsiri Raag-Indian Music Theory

Malsiri Raag-Indian Music Theory

Malsiri is the Awodo (5 notes) raag of Kalyan Thaat. Re and Dha are Virgit (not allowed) in this Raag. Now-a-days people usually sing this raag on only three notes that are, Sa, Ga and Pa. But according to Indian Music Theory ( Shaster) no Raag can compose of only three notes therefore two notes Ma and Ne have also been included in this raag because according to principles of Indian Music no Raag can be accepted if it has less then five notes. However stress is certainly given to the above mentioned three notes that are, Sa , Ga, and Pa to show the shade of Malsiri. Less stress is imparted on Ma and Ne.

Wadi note of this Raag is Pa and Sa is the Sumwadi note.

Malsiri raag indian music theory

The harmony and combination of Pa and Ga demonstrate that Raag Malsiri is being played. The time to sing this raag is after the noon till the start of evening. This raag has actually been formed by the combination of Dhanasiri, Dholsiri and Jeeta.

Arohi of malsiri is as under:

Learn how it must be played:


The compositions in Malsiri Raag leave special effect on the listeners. The Melodies in Malsiri touch the heights amusement and the listener is camoflaged in the surrounding of Magical notes.

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