How to Increase Vocal Range in a Week

How to Increase Vocal Range in a Week

how to increase vocal range in a week

below are some tips on How to Increase Vocal Range in a Week

This has become a burning question now a days that how they can enhance or increase their vocal range to perform much better in the concerts. This is very very important for the performer, whether he is an amateur or professional singer, to increase his vocal range. Well there are mostly three types of voices, number one is bass voice, which means that the persons can perform well in the lower octave notes, then comes the voice which can sing
comfortable in two octaves that is middle and high octave, where as the number three type of voice can touch the high notes with ease, the voices also differ according to the cultural background and food. The voices can never be the same. The basic principle of singers is that they should practice regularly on various scales, for instance if they practiced a song from C major scale on day one, the other day they should choose the D note for the same song and then the third day, it should be from E note. You will notice that your throat would be able to take all kinds of notes early once it has practiced various scales. There is also a thinking that a singer must also practice on Black notes, that means flat and sharp notes, this will give great enhancement to the vocal range. I must suggest that practice makes the man perfect, though these techniques can be read in theory but unless you practice you will not be able to achieve your desired vocal range. My article can guide you and tell you how you can do the project but the final input should be from your side. If you pay attention to what I mentioned in terms of practicing lower, middle and high octaves, you will be able to increase your vocal range in a week to some extent. The more you practice the more better you become! If you like this post on How to Increase Vocal Range in a Week, kindly share it on social networks with your friends.

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Why is Music Considered a Universal Language

Why is Music Considered a Universal Language?


why is music considered a universal language

Well music is a universal language and everyone can relate to this. Let me give you an example which would help you in understanding the fact I just mentioned. The musical notes are the same comprising of seven white and 5 black notes but when they are molded in the composition they are sung in many different ways, like if you take major western scale and ask the people of different nationalities and cultures the interpretation would be entirely different because the basic notes are the same. The way in which the notes were interpreted was entirely different in performance, therefore singing the same song would have distinct difference in all the different cultures. For example, if you listen to the Christmas Carols from different people belonging to different life style and cultural background, in each case you will notice the expression is extremely different. I would say that music and food are so similar in nature, lets take an example if you take rice and give it to a Japanese cook, he would make the rice in the Japanese style and would come up with Asoshi if you give rice to a south Indian cook, he might come up with dosa, similarly an Afghan would cook the rice in his own way so the flavor and recipe changes according to the culture and taste, though the basic element is the same, and it is rice.
Similarly the basic elements of the music are the same as I mentioned above but the interpretation is entirely different. This give it a unique flavor thus we can say the music is a universal language. so to understand the philosophy we need to understand the liking and disliking according to the regions and continents. The international performers have to keep this element in mind while performing in different places around the globe. You must have listened to many Bollywood songs having some western or Arabic flavors but the essential part is that they have to be based on the techniques of the Indian classical music. Which is the traditional or Art music in India but this is unfortunate that most of the common people don’t understand the real essence of Indian classical music, may be they listen to the music just for fun or to entertain themselves and in their conscious they certainly have their liking’s and disliking’s, for example many people would love to listen to classical music while the young generation would go for the light music. So one can say that Indian classical music is much beyond what we know about it but still it receives its appreciation throughout the globe but many people who have musical background and are acquainted with western, Japanese, Chinese or any other form of music can at least make the
difference and comparison of Indian music with other forms of music that are being followed throughout the world.

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In Indian music you will find that there are very few performers on stage rather few musicians are on stage with the singer who participate in one concert.. Most of the time there is one main artist and three or four accompanying musicians, this is because Indian music believes in melody, one tune at a time.. This melody is sung or performed by the main artist and the accompanying musicians just follow the main artist, this is customary in Indian music.. The main artist has all the liberty to improvise the melody as he wishes but following the raag that he is performing-


Now we will discuss and see the difference in Western Concert settings. In western music , there is a grand setting of musicians and it is like a very big orchestra, this is because the western music believes in harmony. Just one singer can’t perform harmony therefore they have to have many singers, who can perform harmony along-with the main artist. similarly they need to have many instruments to play different harmonies. So we can say there is not one specific artist in the performance. There are all artists who are participating and working like a team, so this is a team effort rather than the sole effort as in Indian concerts. Everybody has his own melody line to contribute in the harmony. Well this certainly doesn’t mean that there are no solo performances, when it comes to western classical music. The main artist follows the melody but the accompanying artists provide consonent to create a harmony. That’s why all the composition or the music is in written form and this leaves very little improvisation in western classical music. Till now we have discussed the tune aspects of Indian and western music. Now lets discuss how rhythm is interpreted in Indian music and how it is interpreted in western music. In Indian music the Rhythm (lai) is interpreted in the form of Taal, Taal is a rhythmic cycle, so in Indian music there are different numbers of rhythmic cycles , like 6 beats, 8 beats, 7 beats, 12 beats , 14 beats, 16 beats etc. in western music the rhythm is interpreted as time signature on the staff sheet, so this is a linear concept than a cyclical concept. So what you have is bars and beats in those bars. Very common time signature is 2 is to 4, which means there are two beats in each bar. then it is 4 by 4 which means there are 4 beats in one bar. so counting is like 1,2,3,4 etc then you have 3 is to 4, which means there are 3 beats in one bar.

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Country Music Awards Vegas 2018

Country Music Awards Vegas 2018 date, venue and details

The 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 15, 2018. —Wikipedia


Music is liked and appreciated all over the world, just like sports and other famous platforms, music has been the source of inspiration for all the generations whether they are young, middle aged or old.. Actually music has become the part of our life and every event though small or big such as birthdays, weddings, sports days, international championships of football, cricket, hockey or any other game look so dry without music. In every nation or community, music has its own value and no one can deny that. Since music has many international platforms, the prominent music performers are greatly appreciated and for this reason many musical events are held throughout the world. The Country Music Awards are also held every year and its demand is increasing day by day. There are many popular country music awards but some of them are recognized internationally such as Country Music Awards 2018. One of such country music awards is being held at Las Vegas from 6th June to 8th June, many people are buying tickets and making reservations in the nearby Hotels so that they could enjoy this big Event and witness it. It is expected and more than 44,000 people would attend the event, the registration and hotel information are being provided to the interested people. Many companies are involved in the sale of tickets and they are providing the lowest possible rates to attract as many people as they can. They are announcing special facilities for the event too.

Every June, the Country Music Association hosts one of the biggest, best country music festivals of the year – the CMA Music Festival. This country extravaganza attracts hundreds of thousands of country fans over the course of four fun-filled days, which is why CMA Fest tickets consistently fly fast. More than 400 country artists attend the CMA Music Festival every year, and attendees not only get to watch these artists perform, but they also get to meet and interact with their favorite stars.

These country music awards would be held in almost every state of United States. Many people wait impatiently for these events and feel proud and lucky to be the part of that event. Every information is available for the interested people, many advertisements are on their way to make the event more attractive and appealing. In fact people from all over the world travel to United States for Country Music Awards and they get the chance to listen to the performers of their choice too. Some people love to stay with their relatives or the friends during the 4 days Country Music Awards. It has been seen that the relatives and friends welcome them with open arms and help them in all the best possible way they can. I feel that anyone who gets the chance for such events must feel himself to be one of the luckiest persons because many desire but only few are able to afford the expenditures, however they can see this events live on their TVs at home, at least they feel that they are able to watch the best performers of the world who participate in these events.

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country music awards 2018

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Music Festivals 2018


Music is known to have international language which mean it is liked, appreciated and performed by all races of people throughout the world therefore I decided to write about Music Festivals 2018. In order to bring people on the sane Platform for the performing art of Music, many musical festivals are held through out the world. The canvas extend in all the continents of the world. Music has become the food of soul and no one whether he is young, middle age or old love music according to their liking. Rock, Jazz, Classical, Folk etc. Almost every country of the world has its own musical instruments and on such occasions they love show their skills to the people who join them from different parts of the world.

Turning the parkland of Randall’s Island Park into an electronic dance utopia, the creative minds behind Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and Sensation have taken over the event injecting the same passionate magic into an event all dance fans anticipate. People wait for this great events all the year, some prefer to get special dresses stitched for such events,

Fusing bands with electronic DJ’s, this forest takeover is an alternative to the field-only festivals we are used to, as festival goers are immersed in the colors of the nature surrounding them, as thumping sounds follow them around from stage to stage.. People seem to become over joyed and they make many social contacts with people of other countries and races.

In a relatively remote part of Washington, this festival has a popular campsite and while featuring all music genres, the lineup often has a larger concentration of indie rock bands and adored singer-songwriters. Taking place over Memorial Day weekend, tickets for this are often in high-demand as many include this festival amongst their summer time must attend events. People seem to be joining the mobs for refreshing musical performances. They forget all their worries while here. Everyone seems to be over energetic. Such events play vital role in the lonely lives of most of the visitors.

Originally focused on jam bands and folk rock, this festival has expanded to include an impressive array of genres and was once praised by Rolling Stone magazine as being amongst the “50 Moments That Changed Rock & Roll”.

No festival has been more integral to the development of hip hop than Hot 97 Summer Jam. Giving a platform to the freshest names, as well as providing fans with an opportunity to see the superheroes of rap, the festival has hosted its fair share of classic moments, with performers bringing out huge special guests having become the norm. Anyone who’s anyone has played Summer Jam.

Few festivals mean more to their community than New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festivals. Dating back to 1970, the festival is a complete cultural experience reaching well beyond the music. A rigid, stuffy affair this is not: Jazz Fest has expanded its purview over the years, growing alongside one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Aside from its two popular US events, this fairytale carnival experience has also visited Puerto Rico, Mexico and the UK. Inviting attendees into an EDM wonderland of neon decor and walkabout performers, every year the event pulls in a record attendance with fans desperate to escape reality through electronic music.

Starting out as a DIY movement in the US, as a response to feeling like an outsider and desiring a sense of belonging, AFROPUNK is now one of the world’s most famous cultural movements. Its mix of art, activism and music now attracts up to 60,000 people and spreads its message in cities around the globe, celebrating black culture and giving community to those who feel marginalised in modern western societies.

Inspired by a concert series of the same name, the festival is an eight stage celebration of all things music, along with an art market, delicious food and drink, a dedicated family area and much more. Originally a one-weekend event the festival successfully expanded to two weekends in 2012 after the local council voted unanimously to allow it to do so.

Seen as the ultimate gathering for electronic music fans across the nation and globe, the streets of Miami turn into a bold and pumping party with worshipped DJ’s providing the summertime soundtrack.

Another event which proves the music loving potential of Randall’s Island Park is Governors Ball, an exciting and infectious mix of rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop and folk. Providing a variety of music and food tastes, whether you look to kick back and relax or surrender yourself to beats and riffs, Governors Ball has what you want.
music festivals 2018-musicfestivals018usa

Organised by independently focused music source Pitchfork Media, this three day event is a music genre melting pot of rock, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, punk and any other genre and sub-genre you want to celebrate. With a record fair, food, art and beverages from local and national vendors, this truly is a cultural feast.

A wonderful gathering of music, dance, comedy and craft booths, Lollapalooza is another multi-genre delight which also provides a platform for political and non-profit artists and groups. The festival is forever creating historical moments in many a musicians career firmly cementing it in the global hall of fame for festivals.

Regarded as the ultimate trend-setter and launcher of careers, SXSW is an annual showcase of music, film and interactive highlights enjoyed through performances, showcases, talks, screenings and more. Virtually taking over the city of Austin, everyone in the world of music from fans to media flock here to discover the next big thing.

Selling out fast every year, the Indigo desert becomes a fashionable hive of the coolest bands watched by trendy people and celebrities. Considered to be a bucket-list event the rumor mill for the lineup is a constant source of annual anticipation for music press and fans alike.

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Natural Music Signs for understanding music theory

Natural Music Signs for understanding music theory:

Natural Sign:

Naturals cancel sharps and flats. A natural sign placed in front of a note cancels the effect a sharp or flat has had. This kind of natural sign can be seen when melody is created in the Indian sub-continent or even Bengali music formations. Look at the pic below and draw 6 natural signs as practice.



First draw vertical downward line. Then make a line at the bottom at an angle. Now draw vertical downward line again little below the first line then join both vertical lines with a short angle line.

Slurs and Ties:

See the slur mark in the pic below:







The slur mark is used for many purposes in music.

The slur mark is very often used under or vertical group of notes to show that they belong together in musical thought. Remember the notes written within a slur are played in a smooth connected manner.

Now as a drill, write few notes as the staff sheet and draw slur mark over them. When two identical notes are connected by a slur mark it is called a tie. The first note is played and held for the value of both notes. Write few identical notes and draw the mark of slur to make it tie.


Legato means to play in a smooth connected manner.

Means to play in a short disconnected manner. Dot placed over or under notes indicate Staccato.

music expressions




is an Italian word meaning loud or full.


is an Italian word meaning soft. See the sign of Piano below:



is an Italian word which means to get gradually slower. See the pic below: