Position of Fingers on Keyboard-How to Play Piano

Position of Fingers on Keyboard-How to Play Piano:

Bar Lines:

On the music sheet you must have seen vertical lines. These lines divide music into measures.


Measures divide music into groups of equal counts.

Double Bar-lines:

Double bar-lines are always used at the end of a piece of music.

In order to acquire more knowledge about bar-lines, measures and double bar-lines, it is recommended that every student must see the music sheet of songs and see by himself what the above mentioned elements mean.
Position of Fingers:

It is very very important to know about the position of fingers while playing keyboard. Let us now do a small exercise of playing keyboard with right hand first. The position of fingers would be as shown in the pic below:

Position of Fingers on Keyboard-righthandposition

Now play notes CDE. The note C is to be played by thumb. Note D will be played by the finger next to your thumb and E would be played by the finger next to the finger that played D note.

Practice these notes for about an hour in either directions with the same fingers. So the Position of thumb is 1 position. 1st finger is 2. Position of 2nd finger is 3, whereas the position of 3rd finger is 4. The position of little finger is 5.

Left hand fingers position:

While playing notes with left hand the position remains the same as mentioned earlier for right hand, which means the first note is to be played by thumb of left hand.





Practice now ABC notes. Remember note C is to be played by thumb, note B by first finger whereas note A would be played by second Finger.

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