Raag Dev Gadi in terms of Indian Music Theory

Raag Dev Gadi in terms of Indian Music Theory

raag dev gadi indian music theory

Raag Dev Gadi is the Awodo – Sampuran Raag of Bilawal thaat. This can also be called a type of bilawal raag but it seems to have the style of Kalyan.

Wadi note in Dev Gadi is Sa and Samwadi is Pa. According to one school of thought Dha and Ga are not used in Amrohi. Some times the experienced performers also use black Ma or F sharp notes. There is one quality in Bilawal thaat raags that is Amrohi the shade of Bilawal is always prominent but if black Ma is used frequently in this raag, it becomes Aemni Bilawal.

In Raag Dev Gadi, black ne (komal) is used alongwith Dha then no doubt remains in the construction of Bilawal.

The experienced performer know the secret that the raag that are sung in the night have stress on Arohi whereas the raags that are performed in the day time have stress on the Amrohi notes. So we can say that in the first part of the night the stress is on purwang whereas stress shifts over to utarwang notes when Dawn is near or when morning is approaching.

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