Raag Maand in Indian Music Theory

Raag Maand in Indian Music Theory

raag maand indian music theory

Raag Maand also known as mand is the sampuran raag of Bilawal thaat. In this Raag sa, ma and pa are strong notes, they are played with full force. Ne is weak in this Raag. In Arohi Re and Dha are used less. It’s Amrohi is Vikar (not played in sequence).

Some Pandits say it’s Arohi must also be vikar and this is according to the principle of music theory, therefore it is worth considering. Most of the time ma and dha notes are used frequently.

Arohi of Raag Maand:


Amrohi and Chaal:

sa-ga,re-sa,ma,pa-ga-ma, re-ga-re, sa,ma,pa,ne-dha-ma,pa-ga, re-sa, sa-ga,ma-pa-dha-ma,pa-ma-ga-ma-re-sa-re-ga, dha-dha-ne-pa, dha-ma-pa-ga-re-sa-ma-ma-re-ga-re-sa, re-ma, re-ma-pa-pa-dha-pa,ne-dha-pa,sa (high octave)-ne-dha-ma-pa-ga-re-sa.

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