Raag Pahadi amrohi arohi in terms of Indian Music

Raag Pahadi amrohi arohi in terms of Indian Music

Raag Pahadi:

Raag Pahadi is one of the most popular raag in Indian music. Many famous compositions
have been made in Raag Pahadi. It is easy to sing even for a person with little knowledge of music.

raag pahadi indian music theory

Raag Pahadi is the raag of Bilawal thaat. This is the Awodo Raag (5 notes) Ma and Ne are not allowed in this raag.

The main quality of this raag is that it can be sugn anytime.

The lower octave and middle octave notes of this raag when played with fast rhythm, leave amazing musical magic in the mind of the listeners and their
heart beats become faster.

Sa is wadi whereas pa is sumwadi in this raag.

Dha leaves special effect when played in the lower octave. Raag Pahadi also resembles Bhopali at some stage, therefore the experienced performers slightly use Ma so that it’s structure may not sound like Bhopali. In Garanth one pahadi raag has been described in Bahroon thaat but that is not in use now-a-days and is almost a forgotten raag in Bahroon thaat. Notes can freely be used in pahadi raag therefore no special Chaal is being mentioned.


Sa-re-ga-pa-dha-sa(high octave)


sa (high octave)-dha-pa-ga-re-sa-dha (low octave)

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