Sud Kalyan Bhoop Kalyan-Indian Music Theory

Sud Kalyan Bhoop Kalyan-Indian Music Theory:-


Sud Kalyan:

Sud Kalyan is the Awdo-Sampuran Raag. Awdo means (5 notes) – Saupran means (seven notes). So Awdo -Saupran means 5 notes in Amrohi which mean while ging up, and saupran mean 7 notes while returning.

In Sud Kalyan the note of Ma (F) and Nee (B) are exempted while playing up. Ga (E) in the wadi note (Main note). This note must be played over and over again. This Raag looks good in lower and Middle octaves, it is very soothing to listen this raag in fast rhythm.

This raag is to be sung before Aiman Kalyan. Two Raags i.e. Bhopali and Aiman Kalyan look alike but there a difference of two notes i.e. Ma (F) and Nee (B). In Bhopali these two notes are played neither while going up or playing down.

Bhoop Kalyan:

Bhoop Kalyan is also known as Bhopali the notes of Ma and nee are not allowed. Wadi (main note) of Bhopali is Ga (E) and Saumwait (second to main note) is Nikhat or (B note).

This Raag looks similar to Sud Kalyan but I have explained you the difference in the previous paragraphs. The Amrohi of Sud Kalyan has seven notes that is why it is different from Bhopali. The playing of Gandhar and pancham notes leaves great effect on listeners.

Now let me mention melody of Bhopali as under:-

means lower octave

lower octave

Very simple formations are being mentioned so that every student may learn them quickly. Our main purpose is to impart knowledge about Raags and the notes used in their formations. I am sure that students will certainly be benefited if they keep in mind what is being taught to them in the simplest way.

Otherwise learning about classical music and Raags is an extremely tiresome task.

This point must be kept in mind that some students learn the techniques faster then the others. But you need not to worry at all.

Our method is the simplest and any student who has average ability can grasp the musical knowledge but key to success is practice. Only theory is not enough practical exercise is of great importance and we encourage you not to give up at all.


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