How to Play Piano Basics:

How to Play Piano Basics

How to play piano basics

Steps and Skips on the white keys of the keyboard:

It is very important for every student to know what steps and skips mean.

Like physical drills, playing organ also requires drills to acquire and grasp playing art. Moving by step means stepping on the neighboring white keys i.e. ABCDEFGA in either direction. It is highly recommended that students practice this drill for at least one hour everyday. It must be kept in mind that this drill will help the students in playing various songs with ease. In fact the fingers will become more and more smooth as the practice goes on. I have noticed that many students have been benefited with this drill.

Moving by skips on the white keys of the keyboard: 

Once the above drill has been mastered by the students, they may start the drill of moving by skips. In music term, the skips mean stepping over on white key in either direction i.e. “A-C-E’.

The above shows that keys ‘B’ and ‘D’ have not been played, but skipped over. Similarly the next skip would be as under.


Remember these keys are to be played in either direction. Now lets move to the next keys as mentioned below:


This is to be played in either direction as previously done. It can be seen that keys ‘D’ and ‘F’ have been skipped over.

Now we move onto next drill as follows:


It can be noted that ‘E’ and ‘G’ have been skipped over. Remember these notes are to be played in either direction. The next skips exercise is as follows:


In this drill ‘F’ and ‘A’ have been skipped over.

I can assure you on the basis of my experience that any student who does all these drills on daily basis, including the previous ones, will show progress in amazingly short time of learning.

I hope this post was useful about how to play piano basics..

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