Natural Music Signs for understanding music theory

Natural Music Signs for understanding music theory:

Natural Sign:

Naturals cancel sharps and flats. A natural sign placed in front of a note cancels the effect a sharp or flat has had. This kind of natural sign can be seen when melody is created in the Indian sub-continent or even Bengali music formations. Look at the pic below and draw 6 natural signs as practice.



First draw vertical downward line. Then make a line at the bottom at an angle. Now draw vertical downward line again little below the first line then join both vertical lines with a short angle line.

Slurs and Ties:

See the slur mark in the pic below:







The slur mark is used for many purposes in music.

The slur mark is very often used under or vertical group of notes to show that they belong together in musical thought. Remember the notes written within a slur are played in a smooth connected manner.

Now as a drill, write few notes as the staff sheet and draw slur mark over them. When two identical notes are connected by a slur mark it is called a tie. The first note is played and held for the value of both notes. Write few identical notes and draw the mark of slur to make it tie.


Legato means to play in a smooth connected manner.

Means to play in a short disconnected manner. Dot placed over or under notes indicate Staccato.

music expressions




is an Italian word meaning loud or full.


is an Italian word meaning soft. See the sign of Piano below:



is an Italian word which means to get gradually slower. See the pic below: