The Music Theory Explained in simple words

The Music Theory Explained in simple words

The Music Theory

Human beings wok very had in order to be successful and wealthy. However there are times when one feel very low and disjointed. It is those times when a quiet song soothes the ear as well as the mind of the listener. Music as some people have called it, is divine. However, the songs we hear today and those of the past, have a rich and exquisite history behind them. We all love to hear new songs but we do nothing in order to know their history. Well, if you are one of the aforementioned then it is of paramount importance that you understand the concept of Music Theory. Let us throw some light on this topic of Music Theory.
Music theory as the name suggests is about the theoretical aspects of music. Music theory deals with the various structures of music. By structures of music, we mean the different considerations of music like rhythm, melody, scales, intervals, dissonance, and harmony and so on. These different contemplations are or can be considered the structure of music. For example, how is the pitch of the tone? Thus, all these ingredients come up together in order to form the different structures of music. Now after reading the above mentioned, one might be tempted to ask whether the form of music has anything to do with Music theory or there is no effect of the type of music. Well, the answer to this question lies in the fact that with change in the form of music, there also comes a difference in the various elements like pitch, tone, and harmony. And with changes in these crucial elements, it is primary that the music theory will change in accordance.
Music theory is there in the formed of composed literature and every form of music i.e. the Hebrew music, the Chinese music or the Carnatic music, every form of music has its own literature on music and music theories and the literature is there in abundance. Although in spite of the presence of such humongous theoretical records, many classicists claim that the original music theory had no records and that it had nothing to do with these present music records.
Ideally speaking, music theory deals only as an observant and a listener. The present concept of creating music and fusing it with other forms of art is a strict no-no. But with changing times music theory has also changed its perspective and now creation of music is heralded as the new champion of music theory. The practical uses of music have been restored now, which were considered obstacles in the original music theory.

We all have heard about Aristotle and Pythagoras. We know them as great philosophers and mathematicians but we have no idea that both of them were great music theorist too. It is important to keep in mind though, that although, musical elements like harmony, dissonance, pitch and tones etc., are important features of music theory but they are not the only ones. Quintessential music theory has more do with the inherent musical observation rather than creation of music.

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