Why is Music Considered a Universal Language

Why is Music Considered a Universal Language?


why is music considered a universal language

Well music is a universal language and everyone can relate to this. Let me give you an example which would help you in understanding the fact I just mentioned. The musical notes are the same comprising of seven white and 5 black notes but when they are molded in the composition they are sung in many different ways, like if you take major western scale and ask the people of different nationalities and cultures the interpretation would be entirely different because the basic notes are the same. The way in which the notes were interpreted was entirely different in performance, therefore singing the same song would have distinct difference in all the different cultures. For example, if you listen to the Christmas Carols from different people belonging to different life style and cultural background, in each case you will notice the expression is extremely different. I would say that music and food are so similar in nature, lets take an example if you take rice and give it to a Japanese cook, he would make the rice in the Japanese style and would come up with Asoshi if you give rice to a south Indian cook, he might come up with dosa, similarly an Afghan would cook the rice in his own way so the flavor and recipe changes according to the culture and taste, though the basic element is the same, and it is rice.
Similarly the basic elements of the music are the same as I mentioned above but the interpretation is entirely different. This give it a unique flavor thus we can say the music is a universal language. so to understand the philosophy we need to understand the liking and disliking according to the regions and continents. The international performers have to keep this element in mind while performing in different places around the globe. You must have listened to many Bollywood songs having some western or Arabic flavors but the essential part is that they have to be based on the techniques of the Indian classical music. Which is the traditional or Art music in India but this is unfortunate that most of the common people don’t understand the real essence of Indian classical music, may be they listen to the music just for fun or to entertain themselves and in their conscious they certainly have their liking’s and disliking’s, for example many people would love to listen to classical music while the young generation would go for the light music. So one can say that Indian classical music is much beyond what we know about it but still it receives its appreciation throughout the globe but many people who have musical background and are acquainted with western, Japanese, Chinese or any other form of music can at least make the
difference and comparison of Indian music with other forms of music that are being followed throughout the world.

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